ZR51 Performance

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ZF S6-40 External Oil Cooling System - 

Not shown in picture is the double pass configured cooler which performs the best in this type configuration.

Setrab Brazing surface treatment:
Setrab has long experience of the brazing process according to the NocolokŪ method and our coolers are brazed as complete units in computerised furnaces.
This brazing technique is particularly suitable when a cooler has to be provided with a permanent vibration- and pulse-resistant brazing joint in order to endure in demanding applications. The brazing technique is a further reason why we can produce small and medium-sized series of cost-effective coolers.
To achieve high flexibility in our production we work with several furnaces. An advantage is that we can adjust the environment in the furnace to each cooler size.
In addition to the brazing process, which by itself provides a very good internal and external surface treatment, our coolers recieve an epoxy coating to further enhance the outer corrosion resistance and to give the coolers a high surface finish.


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Last modified: April 03, 2004