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BALANCE AND BLUEPRINT - Each unit is built to race-ready standards and is backed by our 1-year/unlimited mileage warranty. We provide solutions for extreme power applications (up to 700 ft. lb.).   ZP remanufactured transmissions are built to provide long life smooth operation in even the most severe operating conditions. 

The following movie clip shows how much smoother our detailed 1/2 synchronizer body and 1/2 sliding sleeve actuate together giving you a better perspective of how we optimize efficiency through extensive detailing. 

ZF S6-40 Remanufacturing - Full service precision re-manufacturing of ZF S6-40 manual transmissions are performed on site at ZR51 Performance. The process of remanufacturing these units entails complete disassembly, cleaning and inspection of all components for abnormal wear and failure. All synchronizer components are checked for remaining  life expectancy. Consultation with the customer regarding agreement with the estimated cost for the corrective action is done. In most cases, the customer will be required to replace the clutch hydraulic master and or slave cylinder components to ensure prevention of premature wear and/or failure of the ZP remanufactured unit. See Customer Feedback. See Warranty Agreement.

We offer several different levels of rebuilding. All of which go through the same process of disassembly, inspection, customer consultation, technical detailing and blueprinting while reassembling. All units are bench tested prior to release back to the customer. We feel that you shouldn't have to worry about your transmission when race day roles around. Some may call it "bullet-proof"; we call it "race-ready".

So we can better serve you, please have the following information:
     Year Corvette and engine type - 
     Transmission identification type? (1052 000 ###) -
     What modifications have been made or intend to be made to the engine and/or differential -
     What oil is used in the transmission -

Our remanufactured transmission are build to handle any type of operation from daily driving to weekend racing with any stock or moderately modified motor. Warranty-1 year unlimited mileage.

S6-40 (540Nm) SD (Super-Duty) - Built from brand new factory units, we disassemble, clean, and inspect all components, de-burring all unfinished edges, port all oil passages and polish all roller bearing surfaces. The 2nd gear synchronizer clutch body gets TIG welded in place for added strength where it's needed. The synchronizer spring sets (3-per 1-2, 3-4, 5-6 pack) are performance balanced before all components are reassembled to exacting blueprint specifications.  

S6-40 ORRSD (Open Road Racing Super-Duty) - Based on the SD Competition package, these units are internally modified for higher BTU exchange rate needed during the demanding conditions of 200 plus M.P.H. extended duration racing. Unique internal modifications provide this version of ZF S6-40  6 speed transmission with "Motion Reactive Oil Induction". This setup also includes fittings machined into the casing for external oil cooling. Oil returns are placed on key areas to keep your ZF cool and collected at extreme speeds over indefinite periods of time on the hottest of race days given 700hp 100% cycle duty operation. Base warranty not included. Service agreement available. This particular model is currently running in Rick Doria's #1 Open Road Racer. Congratulations Rick on becoming the first inductee into the ORR 200 M.P.H. club.

SHORTENED SHIFTER - This option entails shortening the shift lever by approximately 1.3 inches. The reverse lock-out mechanism is modified and retained.  This option is recommended for the stock shifter when combined with ZP remanufactured (balanced and blueprinted) ZF S6-40 transmissions. An optional Crash-Thru modification can be requested during the rebuild for reduction of shifter components and the omission of the pull-up lock-out mechanism. 

BUILD REPORT - Each of our rebuilds comes with a detailed Build Report consisting of Customer billing and shipping address, symptoms, Receiving, Tear-down, Failure Analysis (if applicable), Build up notes and Bench test results. The overall rebuild (balance and blueprint) cost is presented as an invoice in ledger form. Digital photography is used to help explain otherwise difficult to explain details of worn components. This helps to bring the customer to the transmission with the least amount of effort to the customer.

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Last modified: September 6, 2006