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DRIVE SHAFT SAFETY-LOOP (1984 -1996 Corvette)

Construction -  Mild steel enclosure with  304 stainless steel fasteners. Lifetime Warranted. Retail price - DISCONTINUED.




NOTE: During installation/assembly of the drive shaft safety loop, do not tighten any of the fasteners until all of the bolt threads have been started.

1) Slide the surround enclosure bracket over the front end of the support beam and move into position shown in the last image of the above series.

2) Install the half-round enclosure brace with 4 - 1" bolts and lock-washers and tighten to 20 ft. lbs. of torque.

  3) Tighten both 3/4" anchor bolts until free play of the assembly about the support beam is removed.

4) Tighten both 7/16" anchor bolts until assembly is firmly secured into position as shown below.