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C4 Beam Plates ( Customer Evaluation/Feedback)

The gearbox is great.  Several people who have driven the car have remarked about it's smooth and positive feel.  The car is doing great.  I spanked two couple of ZO6's in April prior to the engine work.  I believe that it will be a rare ZO6 that will be able to hang with me on the straights.  I love the support plates.  The car launches straight and the car does not skip if I power shift it.  I recommend them to everyone.   Joe Shown

Thanks very much for the professional information. I really appreciate it! Also, I like the backbone stiffeners that I purchased from you some time ago. These really do make a difference at launch and hard 1st to 2nd gear shifts. I have recommended these to several already.
                                                                            Todd in Germany

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> Get Bill Boudreau's drive line reinforcement plates and your et will improve as well as your mph.  These
> things keep the car flat straight when you hit second and third.

Yep, these things work great. Of all the bolt on crap you
can get for your car, it is so refreshing to install
something you can actually FEEL for a change! :)

Learn about them at http://www.zfdoc.com/c4beamplate.htm

GS #633

FYI, I have Bill's C4 driveline reinforcement plates installed in GS #633 and can attest that they perform as advertised. The car launches straight and the 1-2 shift is much more controllable now.
Now if he only designed an item to increase driver skill accordingly!           -Hutch-

Rusty, I'll endorse Bill's driveline reinforcement plates anytime. They definitely improved the way the car FEELS at launch and that critical 1-2 shift. Before, I had a severe torque-twist on the 1-2 shift that made it feel like the back end really wanted to jump to the right. Very disconcerting. That feeling is now GONE! The car now jumps forward instead of sideways.

I like "Slingshot Plates" as a name for them. Not exactly self explanatory, but that's what they do to the car!


John 'Hutch' Hutchinson
1996 Grand Sports: #633 WYLDTHG & #707 VETVIXN
NCCC, GSR, ZR1-GOLD, LT5R, & NCM Lifetime #597

Installed a set of ZR51 Driveline Support Reinforcement Plates.  What a difference!  No more side stepping on the first to second shift.  Installation time was about two hours with hand tools, two floor jacks and jack stands.  Two of the driveline bolts, one front and one rear, were barely greater than finger tight.


John, LT-5 Registry #600
ZR1 owner since 9 Jan 01



I just want to say thanks to Tom Henry Chevrolet for doing a wonderful job installing a Corsa exhaust, a Marc Randolf chip, a set of C-Beam plates from Bill Boudreau and 4.10 gears.  You guys just added some wonderful technology to my car. Thanks for all of the help from the ZR1Net for recommending these products.

I just tried the car out tonight and it is unreal.  Although I couldn't jump on it as hard as I wanted to, it felt and sounded great.     Thanks to everyone,

Chuck Miller
1995 #393  White/Gray
LT5 Registry #603
724-898-2961 Fax


Finally got the transmission back in the ZR-1. It works great! Thanks for the professional work. The shifter is also great. I can almost shift with two fingers.

I would not hesitate to recommend your services, you are top notch. I wish every one in the automotive business did as good of work as you do.

Thanks again
Phil Bender

<< I have been having a problem with my trans moving around a lot.  I installed Bill Boudreau's C-beam plates front and back.  They worked just as advertised.  No movement and stayed tight.  I was impressed. >>

I was studying the plates Bill makes and it occurred to me he hasn't mentioned the one benefit that may be the biggest benefit of all. We've read about C4's where the shifter goes up and down on acceleration and others that have the bottom 3 bolts pulled out of the tail housing. When you jump on one
of these cars the beam wants to raise the trans and the engine weight plus acceleration wants to push the back of the trans down. If there is any slippage in the front beam bolts, it acts like a pivot point and twists on the tail housing, pulling the lower bolts out. In my opinion, anyone that has a ZR-1 and likes to stomp on it occasionally, sure ought to get some of
Bill's plates on sooner than later. Not a paid message, just my two cents.

Best Regards,
Al Kindler

Some Z are like mine and the trans moved around quite a bit.  Could not seems to keep the C-Beam bolts tight no matter what I did.  Others seem to have no problem at all.  On the cars that do have the problem, the plates would be a good idea.  On the others, it would be just insurance and perhaps
help a little in holding everything in line.  Installation is straight forward but a pain.  You probably have to drop the exhaust then remove the 4 nuts holding the C-beam, front and back and install the plates.  Tighten up and reinstall the exhaust.  Done.  To me, they were well worth the cost.
Bill gave them to me to be a test mule as he knew I had a problem and drive my Z pretty hard.  If they worked for me, then they would probably work for anyone.  They worked.  I do not notice any trans movement now where before
installation, it seemed like the trans would move at least an inch or more under acceleration.  To me, that was quite a bit.  I thought I might have a broken motor mount it moved so much.  But that turned out not to be the case.  The plates fixed the problem.  I would recommend them and knowing what I do now, would buy them at the regular price in an instant to solve trans movement problem.  The changing angles of the drive shaft cannot be good for the drive train.  This is based on what I have observed in the last week or so.  I just installed them in time for the Texas Tri.  But I drove the Z very hard during the race weekend and everything stuck together.  I
will report any change if it occurs.  I would also recommend them if you have to remove the C-beam with any frequency.  Trying to hold backup on the nuts on top of the trans is a bitch.  These plate with nuts do not need backup and facilitate removal and installation of the C-beam. (To Misled and
Zasio, that means it makes it easier).

Curtis Ward of Plano Texas