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Securing and Shipping of Transmission -

Shipment by freight company is the most reliable way of getting your transmission to and from ZR51 Performance. The ZF S6-40 transmission weighs 145 lbs. Typically the transmission secured to a pallet will weigh approximately 185 lbs. and is considered Class 85 type cargo. It is imperative that the transmission be drained of oil or sealed up so that no oil is released from the case during shipping.

Example of How to secure the transmission to a shipping pallet:


Materials needed for shipping transmission :
A Sturdy 20" x 40" Shipping Pallet
, Tie-down strap, Wood screws, 1/2" thick plywood and  2x4.

Secure Transmission to Pallet:
1. Place the transmission centered on the pallet marking the front and rear cooling-fin orientation to the pallet.
2. Move transmission aside and affix 1/2" plywood at front cooling-fin contact surface. Allow for oil drain plug clearance.
3. Position transmission back into place then lift tail end of transmission slightly and affix a 2x4 beneath the rear cooling fins.
4. Using the above images as an example, shore up all 4 sides of the transmission to prevent lateral movement about the pallet.
5. Secure the strap around the transmission by fastening both ends to the pallet with 2x2 pieces of wood and several screws.

Don't hesitate to shop around for the most reasonable shipping rates. We ship through Q.W. Express. Doug and Rich make the shipping process smooth and simple. Doug Wolfe lives just down the street from our shop. Doug can be contacted at (PH) 480/921-9101 (Fax) 480/921-9052 .

Ship To:

        ZR51 Performance, c/o Bill Boudreau, 5612 East Almeda Court, Cave Creek, AZ  85331-6405

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Last modified: April 17, 2004