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The EZ-Driverô Universal Bearing Installer

Introducing the first instrument of itís kind to install bearings for light and medium duty applications the EZ-Driverô is a unique and highly adaptable technique that comes with a series of force distributors to install bearings and other components onto or over a shaft. from automotive to marine drivers to motorcycle/ATV usage and beyond. This method will provide your profession the opportunity to increase productivity with a user friendly approach.

EZ-Driverô Bearing Installer Kit With Peg Board

EZ-Driverô Bearing Installer Kit With Peg Board


This one of a kind Patent Pending pass-through design offers exceptional versatility for many different components. When working with or around a shaft, think EZ-Driverô!

Available Sets

the master set consists of 33 pieces and tubes can accomodate 1.800″ shaft maximum for light and medium duty applications. Tapered Roller Bearing Force Distributors range from 1″ to 2 1/8″ inner diameter. ball Bearing Force Distributors range from 1″ inner diameter by 2″ outer diameter 1 3/4″ inner diameter by 3 7/8″ diameter.


KAMCO TOOL - Revolutionary Roll Pin Driver Tool

KAMCO TOOL is a revolutionary new tool designed to give you ease of use in inserting roll pins or fasteners into any type of assembly.
The tools are made with 303 stainless steel, precision made with a machine finish for durability. It has a diamond knurl finish for easy grip and comes in a variety of sizes to meet almost any need.
How it works:
Place a small dab of a tacky substance on the end of the fastener and insert it into the hole of the driver. Depending upon the type and weight of the fastener, the tacky substance will vary, from petroleum jelly to wheel bearing grease to gun grease.
Next, align with existing hole (for rollpins) and strike end of tool with a hammer until started. Remove driver and seat pin with standard punch. The driver allows you to see what you are doing without your fingers or needle-nose pliers getting in the way.
The 8 piece driver tool kit comes with its own wrap pouch for easy storage and organization.


C4 Driveline Support Beam Nut Removal Tools (1052DSBNRT) List Price $45.00.

For those of you who know what a PITA it is getting to the top-side nuts (before installing a set of C4 Beam Plates :-), we have designed a simple device/tool to hold the top-side nuts from rotating while the bolts are drawn out from below. This device, one for each beam end, is placed on top of the two bolt ends. As the bolts are turned from below, the nuts will rotate until the device falls into place over the two nuts holding them both from rotating any further. This makes for quick and easy removal of the Driveline Support Beam. The devices are made of stainless steel and are TIG weld constructed for durability. This tool is a must for the mechanic who performs R&R of the C4 driveline occasionally or on a regular basis.

C4 ZF S6-40 Countershaft Spanner Socket (1052CSS) List Price $69.00

Removal of the Countershaft Spanner Nut is required for disassembly of the ZF S6-40 6-speed transmission.


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Last modified: August 02, 2009